If you were to describe your pre-pandemic life, how does it compare to the post-pandemic life you are currently experiencing? What if you could do, have or be anything you desire? What would that life look like? Do you even know what you truly desire in your life? Do you have a clear image of what that would look like? What feelings do you experience when you imagine living a life you love?

Do you know that, with a little understanding of some new neuroscience and other scientific discoveries made in the past several years, you could become the predominant creator of your life? What would you do with your new powers?

What areas of your life would you prioritize? Would be your health? Or your relationships? Or your wealth? Or your sense of fulfillment?

The majority of people instantly identify their finances as being the main priority to improve. We all know, or know someone who experienced great loss due to the pandemic. Either through job loss, or unforeseen circumstances as a result of global change in how business was being done.

Others call their emotional states to be their greatest priority. The media provided us so many examples of things we could fear, and potential for tragedy globally, that some people are now stuck in that pit of scarcity, fear and pain. A new state of mind that gives them peace, comfort, security and stability is what they want most now.

The pandemic stresses put pressure on families, homes and communities that crushed vital relationships. Lock downs prevented the connectedness amongst us that is vital to our human natures and happiness. Living virtually on every front prevented people from finding relationships to replace the ones that were lost while living and working in isolation. Loneliness is a big factor in diminishing the health and well=being of many seniors and others suffering from mental and emotional conditions.

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loneliness can exacerbate existing emotional and mental conditions, but depriving people of the support network they rely upon to get through their days.

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