Often, when we are unhappy, it’s because we feel powerless over what is happening in our lives. Sometimes, all it takes to lift the burdens of frustration and anxiety about our conditions and circumstances, is a perceptual shift, a change in perspective, or in how we choose to see them. It’s surprising how answers to concerns and solutions to problems can appear when you need them, just by following a few simple steps.

When I was studying with Bob Proctor last year, he talked about something he did in situations like this. He would imagine he was sitting at a conference table with some of his mentors, or people who were influential in his field of work, and ask each one what they would do if they were in his situation. Bob explained that this is a way to open your mind to new possibilities by taking a look at the situation from another angle. I you don’t have any power figures in your history to consult with, how about asking your grandparent, or parent, or a wise colleague or someone you know of through media who could have the answers you’re looking for. (imaginatively)

I personally, have found that journaling in a ‘automatic writing’ way sometimes digs up the answer. I simply open to a clean page and, without planning or thinking, just let the pen flow with thoughts through my mind directly to the paper. Sometimes I have found that, a couple of days later, the ideas that I have written down do, in fact, hold the answer or a clue to the information I need. This can be particularly when I need to identify the who in a problem, like who is causing me to feel this stress? Who is the source of my anxiety?

Identifying where the power lies, or who holds power over the conditions and circumstances being faced, is a way to see the root cause for the feelings you are experiencing in the situation. Once you know this, you have a starting point from which to work out your options. Sometimes, you can see how to take the power back, or change the source of the power. After all, what you focus on becomes your reality. Have you been focusing on the stress, fear and frustration of the situation? Or, is there a more happy situation that you could focus upon?
I don’t mean, that you should ignore the painful situation and distract yourself with pipe dreams, I mean, instead of submersing yourself in feeling panic and stress, focus on how wonderful it will feel to be beyond this situation, and allow yourself to believe that you have the power to overcome the situation. The combination of focus of attention, expectation of a better set of conditions and circumstances, and experiencing, even in your imagination, the feelings that will fill your heart and mind upon realization of the different circumstances and conditions create a powerful formula that has potential and opens possibilities to becoming realities. You may be able to see options that were hidden from you when you open yourself to alternative actions than those you have been doing in these circumstances and conditions. Tap into your gut, and listen to the information it provides. Trust your intuition. These are part of your power package. Use them!

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It is possible to reclaim your power, to stop being the victim to your conditions and circumstances, and become the creator of a life you love. We will explore how in this website.

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